Summer heat, overzealous fertilization, dog urine….

Summer heat, overzealous fertilization, or dog urine can cause even the most beloved lawn to turn from lush green to dreary brown. Painting your lawn green is a quick fix that can restore it to at least a version of it’s former glory. Application of our product  is so easy that 95% of our customers apply it themselves… Here are some easy to follow instructions.


  1. Prep and Paint

    • 1

      Prepare the lawn by mowing the grass and removing the clippings with a rake. If your lawn mower includes a mulch bag you can forgo raking the lawn.

    • 2

      Use a hose to wet areas surrounding the lawn, such as driveways, walkways and patios. This prevents the paint from adhering to and discoloring non-grass areas.

    • 3

      Mix the LawnLift™ concentrate in a sprayer or bucket with water, follow the directions on the bottle. We recommend 10:1 ratio for best results.

    • 4

      Pour the paint mixture into the sprayer. Be careful not to spill the paint. Wear gloves to protect your hands; do not allow the paint to come into contact with your hands or clothing, as the paint is permanent. Shake the sprayer to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed with the water.

    • 5

      Spray the paint on a small test-patch on your lawn to see how it looks, check the functionality of the sprayer, and practice your technique. We recommend a small circular motion.

    • 6

      Apply the paint to the rest of the lawn. Utilize a grid application, overlapping the previous line by 50 percent to avoid sparse application. Repeat to darken the color to your preference. (In most cases this is not necessary).

Tips & Warnings

  • Grass must be dry for optimal application results; this is very important.

  • In the event of paint over-spray onto non-grass areas immediately use soap, water and a sponge or scrub brush to remove the paint.

  • If the paint comes into contact with your eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. In the case of persistent irritation, call your physician.

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